About : Matthews logistics

For over a year Matthew's Logistics have been trucking across Europe, striving for a light hearted and enjoyable experience for all our drivers. We work on the basis of family from trainee driver to director we drive as one and we work as one.
Recently we have seen a huge growth in our community, it has been embraced by all drivers and staff to keep our base moral of family. We have systems like no other VTC to insure our family MOTO stays true.

Our Director- Gav, has always made it his priority to have a family VTC, putting a smile on everyone's faces especially during these troubled times, he is a man like no other and will support anyone and everyone. Not only is he a great leader, he inspires so many of our drivers to put in the miles, he has racked up over 130k in under 4 weeks more than any other driver. This has inspired our company slogan of
Keep on Trucking.

So come on, join the family for; endless laughs, amazing atmosphere and most importantly a family!

Why Choose Us?

Matthews for a friendly family atmosphere., fun friendly banter with like-minded people. we are one big happy family, there are no real strict rules, no minimum mileage, come on drive as you feel. the only thing we ask for is to respect each other, have fun and keep on trucking...

✔ Ambitious
✔ Euro Truck focused
✔ Flexible length convoys
✔ Open to Drivers feedback & suggestions
✔ Experienced Staff
✔ Fun & Laughs


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